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Why Beef is Important to Me. Part 3


Why Beef is Important to Me. Part 3

In celebration of May being Beef Month I decide to write……

Between working a full time job and being a ranch wife who chases 4 kids, it seems my life gets busier and busier.  With all of that going on, I still need to provide nutritious meals for my family, and beef in my freezer makes that possible.  Having beef in my freezer is something that I am very thankful for, and it is important to me because it makes cooking easy and puts smiles on my family’s face. Late nights happen frequently at the Circle L Ranch, so we have a lot of late meals.  Having a supply of hamburger makes those late night meals much easier.  There are so many meals that can be prepared with a pound of hamburger.

Keeping this little family of mine well and healthy is one of
my priorities in life. 
Eating Beef keeps healthy smiles.

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