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A Sunday Thought from the Circle L!

A Sunday Thought from the Circle L!

Peace is when I see My Cowboy, doing what
God has set before him.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called children of God.

Matt 5:9

My thoughts have been on PEACE.  What is peace to you?  Peace to me is rest. Peace is forgiving. Peace is forgetting. Peace is watching baby calves take their first step.  Peace is looking at a Sand hills sunset.  Peace is watching the grass wave in the summers sun. Peace is the quiet of Sunday morning church. 

I have 5 thoughts of Peace.

1. Follow after God.
    We all know that we will have better days, when we have God with us.  It makes a big difference in my days, when I take time to pray. A lot of my days are filled to the max; but when I have peace I can do more.  When I take time to follow God; days go by so much better. 

2. Love and honor our husband or wife
     It may have taken me 16 years to find this out.  I know you may be laughing right now but in all seriousness, it has taken a while for me to learn this.  I have learned that my relationship with My Cowboy is better when I love and honor him.  It is amazing what happened when I decided to become a better wife.  My goal is to stay focused on my marriage and I know that we will have peace.

3. Love our children.
     We have four children, some days are really trying.  But at the end of the day, I know that my children need me to be an example, they need guidance, they need hugs and loves, they need boundaries and they need encouragement.  I think of raising my children as a privilege.  I have days that are hard and days that I am not sure why God let me be a mom; but then I always get reassured. It is the smile or a hug.  It is a "Good Job, Mom." It is "Mom, you are the best."  I believe that we need peace to raise our children.  

4.  Put away electronics.
     Yep, I just said that.  I think that we need them, we just don't need them ALL the time.  How can you find peace when your phone is vibrating all the time?  O I have an email, or what I'm getting a text, or wait I need to make a call. I challenge all of you to set your phone down and enjoy life.  You will see a lot better when your head is up looking around instead of looking down at your electronic. We need peace and looking at your phone all day will not bring peace.  

5. Be a Friend.
    Do you think that it takes work to be a friend?  I believe that it does take work to be a friend.  It takes giving more than you receive.  It takes forgiving and forgetting. I am going to work harder in being a friend.  I want my friends to have peace.  I want to have peace. God wants us to have peace.  

As I come to the end of my thoughts today about peace, I want to remember that God wants all of his children to have peace.  I know that he takes work to have peace, it takes patience to have peace, it takes love to have peace, and it takes having quiet time with God to have peace.

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