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The Day After Christmas at the Circle L!

We had a snow white Christmas Day at the Circle L!.

Christmas Day Morning  2014 I spent part of my morning with My Cowboy
feeding our heifers.

I thought I would share with you a little about our Christmas Day!

We read a couple of verses from the Bible and talk about the reason why we celebrating;

Thank be unto God for his unspeakable gift.
II Corinthians 9: 15

Now the birth of Jeses Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost.
Matthew 1:18

and then we opened Christmas morning Stockings!  
"UMMM, how does this work?" 
Reata and Ryder 
A New Hat for Kason

After a breakfast of pancakes! (Reata's suggestion) we all bundled up to help with the chores.

Red keeping an "Eye" on the herd
Red the Circle L Ranch Dog helping us to chores.
Sweeping snow out of bunks. Molly is supervising. 

Circle L Windmill.  I am thankful for windmills.  They make
chopping ice a little better.
Christmas Brunch for these bunch of Ladies.
We added a few extra buckets of corn!!
Meet "Sugar". Reata's first heifer.  She picked her out of the
whole herd. 
A Ranch kid doing what ranch kids do best. 

 After all the chores were done and all the Circle L animals were fed and watered; we headed to Mama's for a few  more surprises.

Mama's reaction to finding out that her
Great Grand Babies are BOYS!

Congrats to Lacee and Steven! I am excited to be a Great Aunt to
Meet "Petey" He is the newest Circle LRanch Dog. He is
a minatare Dachshund.   

Reata got homemade spur straps from her best friend, Tripp! 
Mama got a Barn for her birds.
My Cowboy got two very Special presents!
He says "Tom, you are awesome!"

Ryder got a remote control Spider.
Dean served us Prime Rib.
It was so good, I think I have a
case of the bloats.
Waiting for their turn.
Becky got a new skirt!

I have shared with you a little bit of our day! 
Happy Friday to you all!

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