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2015 McBride Neighborhood Gathering

2015 McBride Neighborhood Gathering
Dillon~ We are building a team.

As most of you know, Spring is my favorite time of year.  I love the fresh air, the colorful trees, the color of the grass growing on the hills but what I really love is helping all our neighbors.  Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite shots taken at the McBride gathering.

I hope they bring a smile to your face and good thoughts to your head.

All you really need in life is a good horse, a good rope and willing mind.

Kason, Tom and Cord. Another part of Neighborhood Gatherings
that I love is the examples of our friends.

Blond Hair and Silver

Cowboy Gear! (I was just playing around with this photo. I thought
it was pretty cool.)

Chaps and Boots....The necessities of life.

Learning how to follow his Dads Boots.
My Cowboy and Cade

Cary... Building a Loop!

Dillon..This was Dillon's first branding.  He did so well.

T~T~T... Terryn, Tenly and Taggert. At only 2 weeks old, Taggert was the youngest
helping hand.

Bradly and Tom~ Big Loops make me smile. 

UMMMM!! (Can you guess what I was thinking?)

Reata and Lindsie.  Girls just want to have FUN!

Blue Fox....
I am going to close today with this photo.  Happy Tuesday from the Circle L!
His smile ...........

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