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WSRRA Saratoga Ranch Rodeo & Ranch Bronc Riding


WSRRA Saratoga Ranch Rodeo & Ranch Bronc Riding

Saratoga, Wyoming Bucking Chutes

As most of you know that I am a Western States Ranch Rodeo representative and I find myself heading to sanctioned ranch rodeos and ranch bronc ridings.  Last weekend Cary and I made a trip to Saratoga, Wyoming, where Sierra Hatch produced a fine, western rodeo show.

I really enjoy going to Ranch Rodeos, because of the traditions, I like being able to chat with ranch moms and best of all to see some handy cowboys and cowgirls.  I thought I would share some of the photos that I capture.  Enjoy!

I have to admit, I did not get many photos of the ranch rodeo. Why you say?
I was busy, ok!! Watch for more details.  It is going to be Great!!
Thanks Jon Suttee for the chat and an idea!!

Wyatt Duncan & Wes Rosengreen...waiting for their turn to tame
a ranch bronc. 

It was an honor to watch this young man at the WSRRA Saratoga Ranch Bronc Riding. He traveled from Bangladesh where he was stationed to compete! He got on three planes and traveled more than 24 hours to ride his bronc and placed second! Thanks for serving our country and being a WSRRA member Mitchell Rataiczak!

Just because I really like Bucking Horses

Yep, I really like horses.

Wyatt Duncan

Levi Walker

Miles Binger

Wesley Rosengreen

Sometimes the horse wins.. Right, Miles?

David Gordon

I smile when I catch God watching me through the eyes of a horse.
~Kevin Weatherby

Siarra Hatch, what a good job you are doing.
Good job to all your help!!

Hunter Blazier

O man, I really like this gear photo. 

Saratoga Ranch Rodeo Ranch Rodeo Champions.  They will
be attending the WSRRA Finals in Winnemucca, NV this fall.
 Levi Walker, Kirby Berger, James Sewell, and Cordell Hatch

Saratoga Ranch Rodeo 2nd Place Team  Silver Spur Ranches #1: Thad York, Colton Miller, Buck Marsh, John Love.

Saratoga Ranch Rodeo 3rd Place Team
Silver Spur Ranches Horse Barn! Jed Roark, Matt Turner, Kasen York, and Chris Rigali!

Top Horse owned by Kirby Berger

Top Hand- Levi Walker

Saratoga Ranch Bronc Riders Top 3.
Left to right Siarra Hatch-Producer, Jed Roark 3rd, Mitchell Rataiczak 2nd and
Champion Wesley Rosengreen
I would just like to say again, "Good Job, Siarra"!  Good job to all the contestants.  We will see you all at the next WSRRA Ranch Rodeo.

Feel free to share!  If you would like to use any of these photos, please email me or PM on Facebook.  My email is loomis489@yahoo.com

Happy Wednesday!!

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