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Happy Holidays from our Outfit to Yours.


2016 Our Year in Review

Happy Holiday from our place to yours!

2O16 Our Year in Review
Cody & I Married 18 Years
Cade 14 Years old
Kason 12 Years old
Ryder & Reata 6 Years old

Our Family Favorites:
Restaurant: Ole’s
Food: Beef and Cheese
Activity: Riding Horses
Color(s): Red, Lime Green, Yellow, Pink
Bible Verse: Luke 1:37

We welcomed these new members to our Ranch:
Goats (The kids wanted to start a Goat Business)
Puppy (Lil Red)
Horses (Cody wanted a couple projects)
And a bunch of Cats

Cade Highlights:
He’s in 8th Grade           He’s taller than Mom
He can drive                Plays Football & Basketball
Has Excellent Grades        Bought his own Pick-up
Bought a couple cows       Started his own colt

Kason Highlights:
He’s in 6th Grade
Plays Basketball and Football
Started his own colt
Has Excellent Grades

Reata Highlights:
Started Kindergarten
Loves anything Horse
Loves to Draw
Learned how to ride a bike without training wheels

Ryder Highlights:
Started Kindergarten
Love anything Army Stuff
Rode a bucking horse this summer(Not by choice)
Learned how to ride a bike without training wheels

Fun Family Facts:
We went to Vegas to celebrate a Special Wedding!!
We got to see the Grand Canyon.
Raised 24 puppies this year.

For with God nothing shall be impossible.
Luke 1:37

We had a pretty good year, we know 2016 would not have been nearly as fun without all of our wonderful friends and family. So thanks for cheering us on, praying for us, lending a hand, and providing us with love and laughter all year long. Sending you lots of joy, peace and love this season.
We would love to hear from you!!

~Cody, Naomi, Cade, Kason, Ryder, Reata

When the path reveals itself. FOLLOW IT!!

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